How I Found The Good In My Bad Today

So my first step towards finding my best-self is attempting to practice mindfulness, I know what you’re thinking “oh here we go another trend follower, rambling on about mindfulness”. I’m telling you though it’s worth a try.
I took this photograph a while ago, but this is exactly what my morning was, and getting out of bed was a struggle to say the least. After being up all night trying to restrain my intoxicated mother and my aggressive sister from killing each other I was exhausted; and the idea of going to a job where I need to be energetic and focused all day – excuse my language but it fucking sucked.

I managed to roll out of bed and shuffle my way to the front porch for my daily routine of a morning coffee and cigarette. All I could think was how painful it was getting out of bed , how freezing it was outside and how shit my life is. Then I remembered a motivational speaker I saw yesterday at a work conference saying “You can’t control what happens in life, what you can control is how you respond to it”. So I stopped and I traded in my thoughts for feels. We all have that song we put on when we want to escape, I want to share mine, some might not be into it but some of you might understand when I say it sends you into a world of tranquility and beauty that you just lose yourself in.

I plugged the headphones in and as I took a sip of my fresh hot coffee, I felt the warmth run through my body. Feeling a little bit more of that toasty feeling with every sip I thought to myself how perfect it feels to have a hot drink on a cool crisp day. How good it was to have that hot mug warming up my frozen fingers. As the music took me away I began to take in my surroundings, looking at how beautiful my empty street looked as the sun started to rise and spread it’s warm glow across the treetops. I said to myself.

I am grateful.

I am grateful that when it’s cold I can go make myself a warm drink, when many people in this world can’t even access clean water.

I am grateful for having a bed so comfortable and warm that its a struggle to get out of everyday, when many people have nothing but a thin sheet on a hard floor to call a bed. My world today seems beautiful to me and I feel lucky to be in it, because I chose to seek the beauty; I see it and I feel it. Maybe if you try, you can feel this too.

All My Love,
Dazed Duke.


One thought on “How I Found The Good In My Bad Today

  1. That’s all very true. My belief is that the problem is exactly how we see something. We can see it as crap or as a building block that we use to strengthen us.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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